Not Getting Quality Website Leads?

Its very important to identify your best generated leads so that you know where most of your energy and strategy should be concentrated.


Create a Sales & Marketing Pact

Your marketing and sales departments should be communicating on a regular basis to improve lead quality and sales.

What to implement: 

  • A Service Level Agreement (SLA) between sales and marketing. It details marketing goals and sales activities to align them towards a common goal.
Lead Scoring

Use Lead Scoring

This methodology is used to rank prospects against a number scale. Each number represents the perceived value the prospect represents for the organization. 

What to implement:

  • Scoring prospects: Assign a value to each type of visitor to your website. Your ideal prospect, such as a CEO, may get a value of 10 while someone further down the line, such as a manager, will get a value of 2.
  • Scoring actions: Assign a value to each interaction with your organization. Opening an email may get a value of 1 and clicking on a call to action in that email may get an additional value of 5.

Create Content for Each Stage of Buyer's Journey

Each piece of content you create for your business should tie to a stage in the buyer's journey. This will allow your organization to move your visitors through your sales funnel and give you a better understanding of who those users are.

What to implement:

  • Awareness Stage content: Prospect has realized and expressed a problem or opportunity. Clearly define what that problem oropportunity is for them. (Ex. Ebook & Guides)
  • Consideration Stage Content: Prospect has defined what the problem or opportunity is. Provide them with a solution. (Ex. Video, solution comparison)
  • Decision Stage Content: Prospect has decided on their solution, strategy, method, or approach. Provide them with a comparison of solutions or methods. (Ex. Case studies, vendor/product comparisons)
Growth Driven Design

Nurture Your Leads

Purposefully help your prospects move through the buying journey by using email nurturing programs and workflows. We do this by providing content that is relevant to them at each stage of the funnel. There are several programs you can use according to your prospect's situations and your business objectives.

Types of programs to implement:

  • Engagement Programs: The goal is to keep your prospects engaged. Offer them straight-forward content that is relevant to them.
  • Education Programs: The goal is to challenge your prospects to consider your product/service. Offer them content that outlines the benefits of your product/service and how it can make their job more efficient.
  • Active Funnel Programs: The goal is to move a prospect that is actively in one stage of the funnel to the next. Use a variety of tactics here such as targeted content, multi-channel nurturing, ensure marketing and sales are nurturing together.



Not Getting Quality Website Leads? Here's What You Can Change


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