HubSpot Onboarding


Get the most out of your HubSpot investment.

You’ve heard of HubSpot, right? It’s the best business growth software on the planet. But if you don’t know how to use it, then it might as well be a brick. That’s where we come in. We offer comprehensive Hubspot onboarding that will help your company grow faster, smarter, and stronger than ever before.

Our team has years of experience with HubSpot and can help you get up to speed quickly. We have helped multiple companies just like yours get started with this comprehensive platform so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business!

Why Onboard with Rizen vs HubSpot?

After onboarding, integrating, and migrating over 25 customers, we’ve created a process that is custom to your unique needs and goals. We also are a HubSpot Platinum Partner and HubSpot Champion User, one of the 1,000 most active users!


What We Do


Identify the HubSpot features you need NOW
Set up your core system FAST
Migrate data from your old platform ACCURATELY
Train your entire team for STRONGER platform usage
Integrations to help your business run SMARTER

How We Do It

In just seven steps we take your company from HubSpot zero to HubSpot hero.
Here's what you can expect:


The Kickoff Meeting
We meet with you and your team to identify needs and goals. This is all about getting everyone on the same page for success!
The Consultation
We establish a plan of action, including the HubSpot features you need to be activated immediately and what aspects we can roll out in the future.
Worksheets & Surveys
To execute our plan of action, we'll ask key members of your organization for important information, such as documents, account information, individuals receiving specific project updates, and more.
Now we make the magic happen. This is where we set up your core HubSpot system details, including your website, contacts information, email lists, and more.
We deliver customized training to the appropriate members of your team so that everyone knows how to get the most out of their Hubspot accounts. This is why we offer both public training and private sessions. It’s one thing to get you up and running, but we want you to use all the features to your advantage.
It’s our job to make sure everything goes smoothly from top to bottom. Before parting ways, we ensure everything is working optimally and your team is ready for success. Then we'll close out your account and remove all the sensitive information you provided to us.

What will this cost?

A lot less than you think! You shouldn't have to break the bank to grow your business. We offer 4 packages based on your specific needs with the ability to customize as necessary:

CMS Hub Pro


Our “Catalyze” plan gets you started with Hubspot, including importing your website, establishing a contacts database, and building a proactive reporting system


Marketing Hub Pro


The “Faster” Plan expands your onboarding to include email marketing, interactive forms, live chat, and ad retargeting.


Sales Hub Pro


The “Smarter” package boosts your selling strategies with setups for contact management, meeting scheduling, call tracking, quote generation, and more!


Service Hub Pro


Connect and exceed your customers’ expectations with our “Stronger” bundle. Get started with a knowledge base, ticketing systems, and customer feedback surveys.


Onboarding packages includes 6 technical consulting sessions or hours designed to customize your HubSpot based on your unique needs. *** Enterprise Level Hub Licenses Requires $10,000 Onboarding Fee

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Tremendous experience working with the team at Rizen. They helped us to design and implement our Hubspot integration, inclusive of lead scoring, workflows built around a negotiated SLA, templates, dashboarding, and a tool kit. Truly impressive work at an outstanding price with committed people. Well done!

Erik Simshauser
CMO, MedTech Solutions

"Extremely efficient!! They made the transition from Infusionsoft to HubSpot a piece of cake. 10/10 customer experience, quality of service, quality of response. Nichole's the best, this team made our day to day using HubSpot an easy ride."

Damaris Morales
Absolute Market Development

Who's happy with our work?

Our HubSpot onboarding is designed for speed, simplicity, and thoroughness. It's what our clients love about working with Rizen. You don't have to wait for us to reach the next level. We'll be right there with you on the bullet train to a stronger company.

Here's what some of our clients shared after their HubSpot onboarding experience:

Ready for your own success story?

Now's the best time for you to follow in these clients' footsteps. Of course, no two companies are alike. So book time with one of our onboarding experts to see which solution best fits your needs.