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Delivering Your Quality Leads. Faster.

Grow Your Business with SmartLeadGen

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Looking for a smarter way to get quality leads?

We know that finding the right customers is essential to the success of your business.

That's why we developed SmartLeadGen - a complete program that delivers smarter quality leads exclusively to you faster - so you can focus on building a stronger company


How it Works

SmartLeadGen is a proven lead generation system that helps you identify qualified potential customers. Our system then helps your team qualify, nurture, and disqualify incoming leads more efficiently. Spend more time focusing on people with the best chance of becoming quality customers.


Below is an example of our SLG Standard Package. Deliverables vary based on investment and are finalized on the contract.

Establish a Solid Growth Foundation

We build a completely personalized system by learning about your business, target audience, current software(s), and staffing situation.

Build and Unify Your Digital Platforms

The right technology bundle can turn marketing dollars into actual revenue. A tech stack can include a CRM, marketing automation tools, project management tools, customer success management, and more. 

Assemble Accurate Target Audience Profiles

We research your target market and analyze your competition using a refined survey and message testing system. You’ll end up with highly-detailed, accurate customer profiles that produce the right language to attract more of the right customers.

Build a Targeted Paid Ads Strategy

We create a lead-generation plan tailored to your business using insights from brand research,  customer surveys, messaging results, and growth-driven expertise. 

Harness the Power of ChatGPT Ai to Nurture Leads

Humans have set working hours. Robots don’t. We build custom Chat GPT-based machines that handle website chat requests, qualify potential customers via email/text, and keep the conversation going when your leads expect a response. 

Map Proper Lead Nurturing Systems

Only some customers are ready to buy after that first connection with your company. We help you build follow-up strategies to turn interested prospects into happy customers.

Expanding Your Company's Support Structure

More incoming leads mean you'll need more staffing and more detailed procedures. We work with your call center, customer prospecting specialists, sales staff, lead qualifiers, appointment setters, 

Analyzing and Planning for Future Goals

Your company's growth should never plateau for long. Continual analysis, adjusting, and planning help keep leads coming in, so your company can continue to grow.

Creating Content to Wow Your Audience

We create various types of content, including videos, emails, and blog posts, tailored to achieve the quarterly goals set for advertising, social media, and your website.

That's not all!

Discover Our All-In-One Platform 

Elements Image
Elements Image

Streamlined Operations

  • Sales & Marketing: Capture and engage leads via multiple channels with analytics and call tracking.
  • Pipeline Management: Manage contacts and pipelines with automated stages and multi-channel follow-ups. 
  • Social Media Posting: Schedule and post content across multiple platforms with ContentAI integration. 
  • Email Marketing: Automate email campaigns for appointments and purchases. 
  • Invoicing & Payments: Manage invoices, collect payments, and sign documents digitally. 
  • AI Live Chat: Use CHATGPT-powered AI for lead qualification, appointment booking, and automated conversations. 

Elements Image

Focused on Growth

  • Surveys & Reviews: Boost Google Maps ranking with automated reviews and customer satisfaction surveys. 
  • Referral Program: Reward clients for referrals with an automated program. 
  • Additional Features: Mobile access, real-time notifications, and API integration.

Imagine getting more actionable leads without spending hours online sorting through junk data.

With SmartLeadGen, that's exactly what you'll get a fine-tuned lead generation system for your team. Stop wasting time and start generating more revenue today! 

SmartLeadGen Success Stories


Don Green Electric


Don Green Electric wanted to keep growing across the region. In particular, they weren't seeing a meaningful Increase in leads and website traffic. The company was unsure if its marketing efforts were winning or losing.

Thanks to a long-term growth strategy we helped Don Green

Increase in new leads by 200% 
Increased Unique website visits by 433%
Generate $130,000 in new revenue resulting from paid and organic search campaigns (and counting)

SmartLeadGen Success Stories: STS Windows  & Doors

STS Windows struggled to stand out in a crowded crop of competitors in the impact window and doors industry in South Florida. Their challenges included driving consistent lead generation, booking appointments with qualified candidates, closing sales, and tracking the effectiveness of sales and marketing initiatives.

Rizen created a holistic growth strategy addressing all STS Windows' challenges. In just 4 months, the company:

  • Increased monthly sales from 25k to 650k!
  • Generated a steady increase in monthly leads
  • Improved consultation and customer close sucess rates
  • Had a better picture of how their company progresses with standardized reporting metrics

What Will This Cost?

How much would you pay for more peace of mind? Or a company that runs perfectly if you take two weeks off? How about a lead generation pipeline that works even when you’re sleeping? All these scenarios are priceless, but we make it possible. Simply pay:

SLG Starter


$5,000 Setup

$2,500 Ongoing per month

SLG Lite


$10,000 Setup

$4,000 Ongoing per month

SLG Standard


$15,000 Setup

$7,500 Ongoing per month


Financing is available through our finance partner, Alternative.

Paid ad expenses and some third-party tools (if necessary) are not included in the above investment

Ready For Better Quality Leads?

Now's the best time to follow in the footsteps of our successful clients. Your growth strategy is waiting - start turning more leads into closed deals!

Still Have Questions?

We understand! You want a lead generation system that delivers on its promise. We’ve compiled the most common questions we hear during conversations with clients. If you have one not listed here, schedule a meeting using the tool above, and we’ll add it!

How Long Does Your Setup Phase Take?

Our team gets to work immediately as soon as we partner up. We'll need about 4-6 weeks to complete this initial setup and hit the “on” switch. This phase involves compiling your strategy, syncing the technical details, and rolling out your unique lead generation strategy.

When will I get my first leads?

Sometimes when we hit the "on" switch, quality leads start coming in immediately. But the process of determining which campaigns drove the best leads is an ongoing process that usually takes up to 3 months, depending on your technology stack, industry/target, and proficiency of the people answering your incoming leads.


Once your strategy goes live, you will see an increase in leads immediately. We spend the first 3 months determining which campaigns drove the best leads as part of an ongoing process. e often tell clients there’s enough data to see what’s working by month #3. These results might take longer, depending on the complexity of your tech stack or industry/target audience.

How long until I see my sales increase?

Our program focuses on generating quality leads that are exclusive to your business. Closing deals is up to your team, but we generally see an increase in sales within the first 30 days of hitting the “on” switch.

Can I stop using SmartLeadGensystem once my leads starts rolling in?

We wouldn't recommend it! Continual, quality lead generation is ongoing and requires continual testing and tweaking. Immediate results DO NOT equal sustained results. Our most successful clients have been with us for 8+ years and are incredibly happy with their ongoing results. We're confident you'll feel the same.

Are Your Ready to Partner Now? Let's Talk!