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Forward Thinking

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Our Story

Rizen is the culmination of experience and personal growth of marketers, designers, programmers, trendsetters and some very crazy cool, forward, out-of-the-box thinking people.

We’ve become very selective in who we take this journey with, working with individuals and companies with unique and innovative products and services to improve the world.

  • Inbound Marketing 100%
  • Brand Strategy 100%
  • Development 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

Our Methodology

Our MIT derived marketing methodology focuses on the things that matter, like meeting business goals.

Reporting and hours billed means nothing if the company is not growing and thriving.

Our value added model focuses on the things that matter, like ROI (Return on Investment) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

Our goal is to remove the mystery of marketing and replace it with cold hard numbers.

Rizen's Growth Formula

Rizen's Growth Formula

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