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About Us

We Believe Business Success Starts With Relationships

Our Growth Formula is Simple

We partner with your company
We take the time to understand your audience
We work together in alignment to reach your goals

Your company is more than just a business transaction to us.
We want to be your long-term team.

Get To Know Our Successful Clients

Alco Windows And Doors

Parteners For 4 Years

$500k to $16 million on in annual sales


Parteners For 8 Years

12x revenue growth since teaming up with us

4Ward Miami

Parteners For 8 Years

370% increase in sponserd event attendence

This is How We Started

This is How We Started In the early-2000s, two friends decided to form a company selling car parts on eBay. We were good at it. Really good. What was our secret? Engaging customers by speaking to their specific needs. That focus led us to generate $80,000 in monthly sales in the first 24 months.


Since 2014, our company has been exactly what we’ve wanted to build all along.


Most importantly, though, we empower you to rise above what’s holding your company back.

  • We know you, our clients by name
  • We educate you on what works now and tomorrow.
  • We engage you daily on how to take the next step in a continual growth journey.

This is What We Do

Our Mission

is to build sustainable, meaningful growth by engaging, educating, and empowering our stakeholders.

We Believe

in helping our partners grow in a rapidly changing world, so together, we achieve more than we ever thought possible.

We Envision

a better world by transforming each person we connect with into a better version of themselves.

Our company

This is Who We Are

Our company is truly a sum of the individual parts. We combine our talents and experiences to create a powerful growth engine for you, the client. We are brand builders, sales drivers, and customer experience creators.
Together, we are faster, smarter, and stronger.

These people put the "i" in Rizen

Rod bw-1

Rogelio "Rod" Rodriguez


William bw

William Avila


Nichole bw

Nichole Mena

Technology Director


Rosabell Jimenez

Account Manager

Jeff bw

Jeffrey Lambert

Content Manager

Rossie bw

Rossie Peralta

Digital Project Manager

Leon bw

Leon Zugman

Growth Marketer

Chandra bw

Chandra Singh

Google Ads Manager


Elizabeth Daniels

Paid Social Manager


David Betancourt

Paid Media Specialist

Joel bw

Joel Rivas

Graphic Designer

Allan copy

Allan German

Business Development


Jason Hetrick

HubSpot Specialist

Katelin Wells

Katelin Wells

Social Media Coordinator

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