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Our Story

Rizen Inbound is the culmination of decades of experience in digital marketing. The founders started with developing strategies to optimize the eBay search engine in order to sell car parts. They created a successful venture and within a few months were generating in excess of $80,000 in sales per month. 

They then decided to invest their talents and money into a debt settlement company that grew to over $2.8 million in revenue in just one year. They successfully operated that business until selling it to invest in a new idea for a digital marketing agency; one focused on placing the client first. This agency eventually merged with a larger multinational firm with over 200 employees worldwide and over 500 clients in the US.


After a successful time within the larger agency, three founders discovered the inbound methodology. Inbound is a way of attracting complete strangers and turning them into brand advocates by using tactics such as content marketing, search engine optimization, paid advertising, conversion rate optimization, and marketing automation. The methodology was developed out of MIT and is used by more than 20,000 organizations. A passion for inbound developed amongst the founders, and the three decided to build a new business one more time with a focus on using an inbound methodology to help clients grow their businesses. 

Our Methodology

Our MIT derived marketing methodology focuses on the things that matter, like meeting business goals.

Reporting and hours billed means nothing if the company is not growing and thriving.

Our value added model focuses on the things that matter, like ROI (Return on Investment) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

Our goal is to remove the mystery of marketing and replace it with cold hard numbers.

Rizen's Growth Formula

Rizen's Growth Formula

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