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Streamline Operations & Growth. Effortlessly.

Boost Your Business with SmartPlatform

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Eliminate Tool Overload with Our All-in-One Solution

Our all-in-one platform provides the tools you need without having to "duct-tape" multiple platforms together! 

This all-in-one system provides advanced sales and marketing functionality tailored for pool builders, roofers, window and door installers, electricians, and other home service companies like you.


Tools to Help Your Professional Service Businesses Optimize Operations & Growth

Advanced Sales & Marketing Functionality

  • Lead Capture: Use landing pages, forms, calendars, and inbound phone calls to capture leads.
  • Lead Messaging: Communicate through calls, SMS, emails, and messengers on Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Lead Conversion: Track analytics such as Cost Per Lead (CPL). Includes call tracking.

Pipeline Management & Automation

  • CRM & Pipeline Management: Manage unlimited contacts and users with pipeline stages.
  • Automated Stage Progression: Seamlessly move leads through the sales process.
  • Multi-channel Follow-Up Campaigns: Automate follow-up and re-engagement messages via phone, SMS/MMS, email, and Messenger apps.

Surveys and Reviews

  • Review Management: Improve your Google Maps ranking by viewing and responding to new user submissions sooner. 
  • Automated Reviews: Send review requests to boost rankings and search efficiency.
  • NPS Surveys: Send post-project surveys to measure satisfaction and invite delighted customers to leave a review.

Social Media Calendar and Posting

  • Multi-Platform Posting: Post to multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in one place. Customize content for each platform to meet character count and aspect ratio limits.
  • Schedule Posts: Plan and schedule posts in advance for regular publishing cadence.
  • Generate Post Ideas: Use built-in AI copywriting tools to generate ideas and first drafts for future content.

AI-Powered Appointment Booking & Live Chat

  • Built-in Calendars: Schedule appointments with leads, send reminders and see your schedule inside the platform.
  • Fully Automated Booking: Automatically schedule appointments with leads and add them to your calendar (Gmail, Outlook, Apple).
  • Automated Chat Conversations: Use an intelligent sales assistant to start conversations and nurture leads without human interaction. Send and receive SMS texts and messages through Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile, and WhatsApp.

Call Tracking and Reporting

  • Call Tracking: Access an in-browser dialer to make phone calls, record conversations, and track call history.
  • Track All Lead Origins: Track where people discovered your company by assigning individual phone numbers to specific ads in magazines, on billboards, online, and at home and trade shows.

Email Marketing and Messaging

  • Automated Email Nurturing: Send automated emails to schedule appointments, re-engage leads, or encourage new service bookings.

Referral Program

  • Automated Referral Program: Automatically identify your happiest clients and reward them for referring new customers.

Invoicing & Payments, Documents & Contracts

  • Create Invoices: Create, edit, discount, add taxes, and send invoices.
  • Collect Payments: Integrated with Stripe to collect payments.
  • Proposals, Estimates & Contracts: Craft detailed service outlines or cost agreements.
  • Document Signing: Get contracts and other important paperwork signed digitally.

Additional Features

  • Mobile App Access: View data and interact with leads from anywhere.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Get instant updates on new incoming leads, completed tasks by employees, closed deals, and more.
  • Courses/Products: Host your educational webinars, products, or merchandise right inside the platform.
  • Import & Export Customer Lists: Import current contacts from other platforms and export lists easily in the future.
  • API Access: Integrate our platform with most other major web services for seamless communication.

Imagine streamlining your operations without juggling multiple platforms or wasting time on inefficient tools.

SmartPlatform offers a comprehensive sales and marketing system tailored for home service companies. Stop the hassle and start enhancing your business efficiency today!