BioSweep Southeast Case Study

Executive Summary

BioSweep Southeast started off by generating business through word of mouth and in person sales. BioSweep SouthEast connected with Rizen and created a web strategy that has people calling BioSweep, versus them hunting for business. From 0 leads generated to over 20 calls per month done through a website redesign, Pay Per Click Strategy, Places Optimization / Citation strategy and now an Inbound Marketing Strategy.

Year over year record breaking growth!

2018 - Best year in revenue!

2019 - Highest revenue year EVER!


Leads per month though redesign, PPC & Google Places

Ready to grow!

Increasing marketing budget for Inbound

The Challenge

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    The old site was not converting well although it had traffic

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    Old website was missing functionalities and had many CSS errors

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    The theme they chose did not update with the WordPress updates

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    Buyer personas were not setup and no content marketing was being implemented

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    Social media presence was not utilized to drive traffic to content created for traffic and rankings

How Rizen Helped

  • Using LeadIn

    LeadIn by HubSpot immediately started providing a picture on traffic sources, keywords and referral websites. 
  • Converted Website to WordPress

    The client’s site was redone to redone to a version of WordPress that allowed for customer control.  
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    Identify Assets  

    Through the redesign, Rizen and The BioSweep Southeast Team identified the top performing pages and obsolete irrelevant pages. This allowed for the rapid deployment of pages and update of content depending on the business goals. 
  • Implement Pay Per Click

    A Pay Per Click strategy was implemented on Google Adwords that instantly started generating customer leads. Call tracking was implemented to determine lead source. 

  • Created Google Places Campaign

    A Google Places page was setup and optimized with citation sites created, which caused an increase in overall traffic.
  • Updated Webmaster Tools

    A link disavow file was implemented in Google Webmaster tools to discount incoming links that were identified as low quality as a preventative measure and caused an increase in business after the next Penguin update.
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Great Results

Through the establishment of a system and process for marketing Rizen is helping The BioSweep Southeast Team grow year over year breaking records in 2019, 2018 and on pace for a strong year even with the 2020 Covid-19 virus through the marketing of one of their services, disinfection. The entire organization has a clear picture on what to help produce so we can increase leads and sales.

The customer is thrilled with his 60+ leads per month and is now in a position where he is scaling his organization and increasing his marketing budget to further grow the amount of Inbound traffic.


Marketing is now more clear for The BioSweep Team.

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