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Answering the Tough Questions

In order to generate inbound traffic, you first need to understand what is required to create quality content. It is crucial that you can answer these questions. Their purpose is to force you to think about your business blogging and how to better align your content with your customer’s interests:

Why are you business blogging?
If you can provide one defining statement articulating your purpose, you will have a powerful anchor for all future blogs and marketing decisions.

Who is your target?
Once you have identified your ideal customer, you will write content that is better tailored to their interests, challenges, and curiosities.

What does the competition blog about?
Rewrite your content for crucial keywords, as well as capitalize on crucial gaps in your competitors’ content.

What keywords are you targeting?
Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and is becoming more intuitive. Create content that primarily engages your visitors and secondly, the search engines.

What platform will be used for your blog?
Writing quality content is a great start, but getting the content discovered and your platform turned into an authority can be a challenge.

How will you promote the content?
Consider potential influencers in your industry and other tactics you could use to get your blog discovered.

Who will be responsible for the blog?
Specify who will execute your business blogging strategy.

How often will you be able to create new high-quality content?
Committing to a specific number of blog posts per week will create accountability, efficiency, and promote better content.

What metrics matters to you?
Metrics are pointless if they can’t create a meaningful outcome.

Once closed, leads turn into customers and in the end, become promoters!

Once closed, leads turn into customers and in the end, become promoters!


Create awesome content that will attract and convert the prospects you want.


Create offers for your prospects through landing pages and calls-to-action that will capture their attention and turn them into leads.


Create content and emails around a lead’s questions and concerns that will help close them into delighted customers.


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