Inbound Pay Per Click Management

Maximize the Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

Maybe your website is brand new or something occurred that hurt your web rankings. What ever the reason, low traffic is not something your business has to live with. PPC Advertising is an quick way to alleviate the need for new visitors. Rizen Inbound will show you how to increase the the amount of visitors to your business and help you get the most our of your marketing dollars by integrating proven inbound methods for conversion.

Our inbound methodology turns strangers into promoters!


Done effectively, PPC can produce faster results.

Learn the top factors needed to beef up your campaign.

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Inbound Marketing and PPC

Our emphasis on Inbound Marketing tactics are essential in reaching your PPC goals. Inbound marketing ensures a better connection between you and your customer. From the very first encounter, we ensure the ads we produce are targeted to your ideal buyer persona. A great ad resonates with the searcher, it answers their questions immediately, and along with a great landing page design Inbound increases the chances of engaging with the searcher.

We use custom inbound marketing planning and execution strategies to promote your strengths!


Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Our PPC management services involve tracking business-specific, customer-oriented keywords and using  targeted ads that bring in traffic. Our experienced project managers handle campaigns from beginning to end, delivering professional service and proactive management that leads to a higher return on investment for your company. Our Goal is to increase the number of customers acquired while lowering the cost of that acquisition.

Project leaders in our PPC management services team are certified in Google Adwords and Google Analytics. They’re experts in helping campaigns thrive in many industries including technology, finance, consumer services and real estate.

Effective PPC Campaigns Result in More Customers!

How We Do It


Set Goals

Our PPC On-boarding process is the most thorough in the industry. Once you sign up we dedicate up to an hour to an half one to one meeting to solidifying your company goals in order to ensure our success.

Make A Plan

After we have the initial on-boarding call we work as long as needed in order to come up with a solid plan to reach your goals. The plan includes keywords targeted, ad copy, and budgeting.


Once the solid plan is put together we hit the ground to put it in play. Now, its time to watch the metrics closely.


After we implement the plan, we watch it closely to see what works and what doesn’t. This allows us to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. We conduct monthly meetings to review metrics and plan for the following month.


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