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Social Media Management

For businesses, managing their social media marketing can be a challenging task. Maximizing social media reach requires consistent interaction with consumers to drive engagement and increase brand awareness and reach.

Keeping up with demands of an active social media campaign can be frustrating for businesses who have orders to fill and customers to satisfy. Our company is driven to utilize the most cost-effective, creative ways to create solutions for our customer’s online marketing problems.  We specialize in providing tactics to manage your company’s social media as a part of an overall inbound marketing strategy.

Social Media Management

Rizen Social Media Process


Social Media campaign efficacy relies on understanding your ideal client and what social platforms they frequent. We research your company, your competitors and your clients to see where they are and then put a plan together to reach out and connect with them.

Set Goals & Plan

After we have the initial on-boarding call we dedicate up to an hour an half one to one meeting to solidifying your company goals in order to ensure our success. Then we work as long as needed in order to come up with a solid plan to reach your goals.


Our Social Media On-boarding process is the most thorough in the industry. Once the solid plan is put together we hit the ground to put in in play. Now, its time to watch the metrics closely.


After we implement the plan, we watch it closely to see what works and what doesn’t. This allows us to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.


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