Increase Quality Traffic To Your Website

Not getting the right type of traffic to your website can be frustrating. There are two distinct methods to help drive traffic.

Organic Search
Listings of website pages that rank on the search engines naturally. Determined by a search engine's algorithm, these are the pages that populate after a keyword or phrase is entered into the search query. The goal is to have your website pages populate on the first page and at the highest position possible.   
Paid Search
Paid advertisements found on search engine results, social media platforms, and websites. Depending on the platform used, a company can target specific keywords or demographics so that their ad can be displayed to a targeted audience.  With a proper bidding strategy in place, an ad can populate at the highest positions.

Organic Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Content Creation

Create useful and helpful content in the form of blogs, ebooks, videos, infographics, case studies, presentations and more.



Promotion & Distribution

Promote the content you've created via social media channels, emails, even reach out to newspapers and other related blogs for them to cite your piece.


Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website though SEO tactics such as adding meta data so that search engines can find your webpages easily.



Link Building

When you have great content that others want to reference, you'll likely receive a link from their website back to yours. This is an important metric for Google.


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Guest Blogging

Submitting blog content on other authoritive industry websites is a great way to reach your target audience and receive a link back to your website.


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Social Media

It's important to engage your target audience on whatever social channel they live. This is dependent on the product or service you are promoting.



Webinar Marketing

Webinars are a great way to educate a potential customer on a product or service, especially if what you offer is more complicated or technical.


Drip Email Automation

Email your prospects with special offers and informational content until they are ready to purchase. Email customers as well to keep them informed.


Local Optimization

Create local listing pages on sites such as Google Business and Yelp and encourage customers to leave reviews. This will help drive local traffic.

Paid Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website



Facebook Ads

Facebook/Instagram offers different ways to increase traffic to your site through paid advertising. Ads can also be used to increase likes, promote an event or offer, and more.


LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn's paid advertising allows you to target your content and offers to professionals in a specific industry in a variety of ways.

Google AdWords

AdWords and AdWords Express allows you to advertise on Google's search engine to be displayed on the top positions.


Bing Ad Center

Advertising on Bing allows you to reach a different demographic and networks such as Yahoo and AOL. Bing now has a sync feature with Google AdWords.


Twitter Ads

Twitter allows you to set a budget and only pay or wht works. Promote your messages, increase your followers, and increase website conversions.


YouTube Ads

YouTube allows you to promote videos to your target audience. And you only pay when people watch your video ads.


How To Increase Website Traffic With These 13 Tips

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