Is Inbound Marketing the Right Fit?

Many companies and marketers have had great success with Inbound Marketing. Find out if this methodology is the right fit for your business.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a MIT proven and tested methodolgy for attracting, converting, closing and
delighting customers on your website. The tools and tactics used are:


Content Creation


Search Engine Optimization


Social Media Engagement


Email Campaigns


Growth Driven Design


Paid Marketing

What is the Goal of Inbound Marketing?

All of the tools and tactics above share a common goal: To provide prospects with an experience they will find enjoyable, useful, and engaging enough to reach out to your company. 

The Goals of Inbound Marketing Are:

  • Higher Marketing ROI
  • Better educates prospects to reduce friction and time spent in the sales funnel
  • Provide a better customer experience
Inbound Marketing Strategy

How Do You Know If It's Right For Your Buisness?


Are your customers influenced by online research?

Over 80% of shoppers research online before buying and apps such as Yelp, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ give consumers immediate feedback on products and services. If your buying process is more complex and goes beyond online research, Inbound may not be the right fit.



Are your team members all in?

Inbound marketing requires all hands on deck, and this really means everyone. Who better to create content about your business and industry than your key people. If you believe this type of commitment isn't plausible, Inbound may not be the right fit.


 invest money.png

Do you have the money to invest?

Inbound Marketing's cost per lead is less than half the cost of outbound. There are upfront costs, however, that can be substantially more. If your business revenue is less than 5M, allocating 7-8% of that to marketing is adequate for growth. If you don't have that type of money to invest, Inbound may not be the right fit.

overnight solution.png 

Are you looking for an overnight solution?

Inbound Marketing will help you grow leads and customers for your business, but this happens over time. Content creation, social strategy, SEO, and email nurturing all take time and effort. Results will follow after several months. If you're looking for fast results, Inbound may not be the right fit and you may need to look into paid campaigns.

What to learn more about Inbound? 
We can answer all of your questions. 

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