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The Power of Inbound Marketing

Every one of our services is focused around helping you reach your business goals by strengthening your brand and capturing the most qualified leads.


Attract the right customers through quality content via blogs, social media, ebooks and more.


Convert those potential buyers into leads by building targeted offers, landing pages, and calls-to-action.


Delight those leads into becoming customers through lead nurturing, list segmentation, and email campaigns.

Search Optimization – As Relevant Today As It Ever Was


We will help you research and define your buyer personas and develop targeted keywords matching their search behavior. By answering the questions your buyer personas are typing into Google, we’ll create a more targeted experience that engages your ideal customer and moves them down your sales funnel. We will also develop a sharing strategy focused on gaining position in the major search engine sites to put you in constant contact with your ideal client.

SEO Optimization

Blog, Blog, Blog… Then Blog Some More


Yes, you heard right. BLOG, every marketers favorite four letter word. Its amazing what a motivated marketer and his Macbook Pro can do.  Once we’ve identified your ideal client, we blog with that persona in mind. The purpose is to ensure that the communication is clearly directed towards gaining a new client that fits your business perfectly.

Social Media – Let Your Voice Be Heard


The world is becoming more and more connected. Our professional and social lives and the people in them influence how we buy, what we wear, and who we trust. Using the relevant social platforms and socially engaging is an integral part to any marketing strategy. We will help showcase your brand and interact with your fans, prospects, and clients.

Social Media

Successful Marketing Starts with a Solid Plan


Every client at Rizen receives a custom Marketing Game Plan built to successfully tackle any challenges they may face in achieving their goals. The marketing plan defines your ideal customer and how we can best answer their questions. We continually work to update the plan in order to stay on top of changing industry conditions. We strive to keep the surprises to a minimum.

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