A complete, 360 digital strategy and execution program.

Is your internal marketing team not cutting it, or do they need help? Implementing a marketing strategy takes time, and multiple people with different skill sets working together. The tactics and strategies you are implementing today may not be working as well as they used to. We see businesses that can’t get ahead because there does not seem to be enough time in the day and not enough cooperation.  

The key is implementing the latest strategies, methodologies, and tactics for your entire business, combining design, ads, sales, content, branding, programming, and software integrations. Then use an engineering approach to sales and marketing by implementing a testing system designed to test and fail faster to implement those learnings quickly. 

What We Do

Our UltimateGrowth program is a COMPLETE and all-encompassing web marketing, sales, and technologies solution. It's designed to take the worry out of your sales and marketing department so that you can take 2 weeks off stress-free.


Use a unique system combining 60+ tested, proven marketing strategies from top minds in global marketing and sales.
Take an engineering approach to marketing. We eliminate “gut feelings” and “forecasting” and replace them with decisions based on cold, hard data using the latest testing methods.
Utilize the best software and automated support systems to streamline your marketing and sales team’s productivity.
Implement a paid ads strategy across Google, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn with full tracking so you can be sure you are winning vs losing with your marketing.
Create a tested and proven Content strategy that includes written content, videos, social media, images, website updating, and branding that drives leads, appointments, and customers that dominate the search engines.
Implement a customer happiness process that tracks how happy people are with your sales staff, operations team, and overall brand using automated surveys and check-ins to help you identify potential bad reviews and people who are most likely to refer and give you good reviews.
Provide training and support to your leadership, marketing, and sales staff to help you grow your business regardless of the problems you are facing.
Provide a dedicated team with ALL skillsets whether you need help with your software or how to create a report to see if your sales team is responding to leads in less than 24 hours.

How We Do It

UltimateGrowth is a proven, industry-tested formula that combines the world’s top modern business growth strategies. The result? A compelling mix of what actually works NOW to attract customers and accelerate your company’s revenue growth.

Here’s how our system works:


Begin with Message Testing
The key to reaching today’s audiences is finding the right message. To do this effectively, you need to test BEFORE you invest! We’ll canvass and verify potential customer pain points and your proposed solutions with a researched targeted audience. The result? We capture the EXACT language and motivations that will attract customers to your company.
Polish Your Branding
Having no branding strategy is like fishing without a pole. Results are possible, but you’re wasting valuable time! Customers have too many choices and too little time, and too many companies often repeat the same tired cliches. Our unique branding process can create or refresh your company branding so you’ll stand out AND generate more leads!
Fire Up The Content Machine
How you communicate with your target audience, whether via the website or during in-person visits, we create the content framework to help you rank for your keywords, create the assets and literature your sales team will use to present to prospects, update your website blog, main site pages, social media presence, video explainers, and testimonials and so much more… Our content approach incorporates 10 years of SEO experience along with Sales experience to help convert your prospects into customers.
Launch Google Visibility Boosters

Thanks to the dominant market share commanded by Google and Youtube, you can target anyone in the world. The question is, are you addressing their pains and providing solutions? Thanks to our comprehensive message testing, your company is prepared to invest in targeted messaging that will actually attract target customers. We can run paid ads for your organization as needed on:

  • Google Search
  • Google Display
  • Google Local Services Ads
  • Google Business Profile
  • YouTube
  • Retargeting
Establish Paid Ads On Social Media
While the options are many in terms of social networks, we focus on the ones that have the most substantial conversion track record. We’ll continue to run message testing on your account pages and target market to find and expand winning messaging for current and future campaigns. Your company will successfully target people as we move them down the funnel until they are ready to buy.
Fire Up Your Email Outreach
Email is a potent medium for reaching your target audience. The first step is to clean up WHO you’re targeting. Next, we focus on ensuring your messages really do make it into people’s inboxes, not their SPAM, by testing and optimization messaging tactics. Lastly, we’ll manage your ever-growing list of email subscribers, handle all backend management, and reveal the data we need to optimize your future marketing efforts.
Build Out Your Support Foundations
We work with your call center, customer prospecting specialists, sales staff, lead qualifiers, appointment setters, and community management personnel to ensure everything and everyone works together flawlessly. If you have an in-house system already - we’ll streamline it! Don’t have a support team? We’ll help recruit, build one and maintain it for you. Prefer us to follow up with leads for you? No problem!
Turn on the Sales Support Software

Did you know automation can save your staff more than 50 hours every month? We’ll show you how to use automations to boost productivity and offload basic office tasks. 

We’ll work with HubSpot and/or High Level to set up your marketing and sales automation. With experience with over 50 top marketing softwares in the market, we’ll choose the best ones and connect all the different platforms needed to help your company move faster than everyone else. 

Analyze Quarter & Get Expert Advice
Most businesses analyze everything each quarter, and your marketing and sales are no different. We’ll bring in highly trained sales personnel to help improve your team and provide the best approaches to all things sales. You’ll also have a C-level marketing expert with world-class support staff to help you determine the best approach for the next quarter to help you grow your business. Have other problems, like trouble hiring, a problem with some key staff? Our business coaches will help you solve your immediate problems outside of the marketing and sales scope.
Sales Support 

Help developing key growth sales strategies, tactics and action plans. Successful execution of these strategies is required to achieve your financial targets. Our sales guidance will help you hit annual targets, build key relationships and understand customer trends.

Cue the Account-Based Marketing

One of the 60+ proven methodologies we use is account-based marketing (ABM). A core principle of ABM is specific messaging to potential customers using multiple mediums. This strategy focuses on researching your target customer’s demographics, challenges, and goals. From there, we create messaging that will end up where they already are, including email, social media, direct mail, and more!


We provide you with a dedicated software operator to help you manage your tech stack. They ensure that you have closed loop reporting and understand how each part of your business affects revenue. 

Harness the Power of ChatGPT Ai to Nurture Leads

Humans have set working hours. Robots don’t. We build custom Chat GPT-based machines that handle website auto-replies, qualify potential customers via email/text, and keep the conversation going when your leads expect a response.

What will this cost?

How much would you pay for more peace of mind? Or a company that runs perfectly if you take two weeks off? How about a sales and marketing engine that works even when you’re sleeping? All these scenarios are priceless, but we make it possible. Simply pay:




Setup involves creating the strategy and plan to help you be one of the top 3 in your market! No obligation to continue after your strategy plan.


3 months (includes content, design, programming, strategy, consulting, ads management, branding & more!) Hiring a CMO or building out your own team will cost so much more and will yield so much less!

*The onboarding and setup fee is a one-time payment.
**Ongoing services include complete customer prospecting specialists. No long-term contracts. We have to earn your business every quarter. Monthly plans are available for 10% more. Discount available for 2 Quarter or 4 Quarter pre-pays. 

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Working with Rogelio, Nichole, Will and team at Rizen has truly been an eye opening experience. Not only has my business almost tripled in four months, but they take the time to explain why certain strategic decisions are made. Goals are set, but more importantly, are achieved. Their organizational skills are second to none. Looking forward to a long term relationship with Rizen.

Luis Alvarez
President, Alco Windows and Dooors

"RIZEN’s marketing team is exceptional. They have consistently brought our immigration law practice strong and ideal leads throughout the years. Their knowledge of inbound marketing has been put to the test. In late 2018 our law firm wanted to test another marketing company despite RIZEN’s years of strong performance. Within months we realized that we had made a big mistake. RIZEN’s inbound marketing knowledge and customer service was unmatched. RIZEN welcomed us back with opened arms and with a strategy that got us back on track. During COVID-19 they have kept our leads flowing despite fears that our industry would be heavily affected. I can report that RIZEN continues to successfully deliver results even in these uncertain times. This is because they genuinely care about our law firm, meet with us weekly to review strategy and results, and make us feel like their most important client. Thank you RIZEN."


Harry Tapias
Owner, Loigica, P.A.

"The team at Rizen embodies the spirit of partnership. Working with Rogelio, Will, Nichole and their team has always felt like an extension of our own company. They are passionate about their client's successes and have the talent and know-how to back it up. Put simply, I couldn't ask for a better inbound partner. In addition to their spirit of partnership, Rizen's teams are experts in connecting inbound marketing to every aspect of your business, leveraging the strength of HubSpot and other skills to create holistic, highly successful business and marketing experiences, not just "campaigns". Rizen is a rising star in the marketing world and I'm proud to call them a lifetime partner for all my businesses. You should too."

Willie Diaz
CD, Miami Ad School Punta Cana

Who's happy with our work?

UltimateGrowth comes built for speed, simplicity, and thoroughness. It's what our clients love about working with Rizen. You don't have to wait for us to reach the next level. We'll be right there with you on the bullet train to a stronger company.

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