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Client Success Manager

A Client Success Manager at GoRizen. is responsible for leading and motivating an internal team to provide faster, smarter, and stronger client growth. The successful candidate will be the liaison between the client and the execution team to ensure the client's needs and goals are being met on every project.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Ensure clients receive all promised services included in each unique GoRizen service.
  • Manage your team of specialists to ensure everyone stays on track and reaches monthly/quarterly client goals.
  • Communicate with clients regularly to build trust and ensure ongoing satisfaction
  • Work with other departments to resolve any client concerns or escalations.
  • Track project KPIs and metrics and adjust action plans to ensure client success.
  • To help those metrics at all times, being able to communicate these clearly and effectively to internal and external team members
  • Manage expectations, identify bottlenecks, and develop game plans to address them.
  • Own project outcomes and take ongoing accountability for overall client success.
  • Guide client team members externally to maximize book rate and close rates.

Desires Qualifications & Experience:

  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills.
  • A demonstrated ability to keep up in a fast-paced environment
  • Previous experience in project management and client relations management is preferred.
  • Experience in Marketing, Communications, and/or related fields

How We Measure Success:

  • We measure effectiveness for this position based on regular success in the following metrics:
  • Launch Time: Ensure projects complete setup and go live on time.
  • Churn/Retention Rate: Ensure clients are continually happy and renew service agreements with Gorizen. with their overall experience.
  • Client Success Score: Maintain high satisfaction ratings from clients.
  • Reaching client goals through effective team and task management.
  • Budgetary Oversight: Stay within the allocated project budget parameters.
  • Upsell Rate: Ensure clients are interested in and using additional services

Hours, Pay, and Benefits:

  • Salary between 36,000-46,000/year
  • Mental Fitness Program
  • Travel
  • Continuing Education and access to training from top 1% of marketers
  • 100% Remote work
  • Tech Stipend
  • Flexible working hours

How to Apply:

  1. Take a screen share video using showing you taking an internet speed test. 
  2. During the video, tell us your name and a little about yourself with the video on and tell us why we should hire you 
  3. Email and include the screen share link. Add the subject line – “Because the details matter” when emailing us. Also, provide us with your LinkedIn profile.