About Alco Windows and Doors

Alco Windows and Doors is an impact products installer based in Miami, Florida. They serve property owners, both residential and commercial, throughout South Florida. The company was founded in 2016 by Luis Alvarez, A Miami native and US Marine Corps. Veteran.


Rizen's Results in just 24 Months:
Annual Revenue Increase
Leads Per Month Increase
Positive Customer Reviews Increase

The Challenge

Armed with a rugged determination to build a customer-focused company, Luis Alvarez founded Alco Windows and Doors in 2017. With one pick-up truck, limited inventory, and prior industry experience, his company grew steadily. 

His quality workmanship brought in a steady stream of referral business. Luis was scaling quickly! But then he hit a plateau that slowed his company’s trajectory. 

The foundation was solid, but he wasn’t getting in front of new customers who needed his services. Why?

  • Alco’s branding didn’t separate themselves from the competition and explain “why” they were the best option.
  • Their website was unattractive and lacked resources to convert visitors into customers.
  • The company’s leads were limited to mainly one source - prior customer referrals.
  • Social media marketing was unfocused and intermittent.
  • Published customer reviews were sparse, with no system to encourage satisfied clients to leave feedback.
  • Sales professionals lacked a unified, customer-focused approach, resulting in mixed messaging and low consultation success rates.
  • Marketing and sales campaigns had no tracking system in place to measure what was working and what were wasted investments.  

The Solution

Alco Windows and Doors discovered Rizen due to a common military background - both owners served in the Marine Corps! This foundational commitment to detail and perfection boosted assurances that this partnership would reap results!

Rizen immediately applied its home services-focused program, Rev Grow, to help the company scale quickly.

What did the plan look like?

  • A full branding redesign that clearly identified the company’s purpose, looks, and ideal target customer.
  • A continuously optimized website leveraging Growth-Driven Design
  • A multi-faceted approach to attracting leads, including paid digital ads, SEO-focused content, robust customer review profiles, and strategic ad placements.
  • An engaging, regularly published social media presence.
  • A total communication strategy for securing and publicizing positive customer reviews from satisfied clients.
  • A complete training program for sales associates to unify their approach and improve customer conversion rates.
  • An automation-driven system to easily track the revenue generated from marketing and sales investments.

The Results

Alco’s investment in a modern revenue growth strategy paid off in a big way. In just 24 months, Luis Alvarez saw his company:

  • Jump from $500k in annual sales to a projected $16 million in annual sales.
  • Increase from 25 leads per month to over 700!
  • Gain over 300 five-star reviews from happy customers across South Florida.

Luis began his company with two employees and one vehicle. With Rizen’s help, the team has grown to include dedicated consultants, reliable installation specialists, and thorough project coordinators.

Custom orders and garage doors are now available to homeowners, and services are made available to commercial property owners. Every day, there are new changes to improve the customer's experience, and they continue to evolve to meet their community’s needs!

Rizen Alco Case Study
“Working with Rizen has been a truly eye-opening experience. Not only has my business almost tripled in 4 months, but they take the time to explain why certain strategic decisions are made. Goals are set - but more importantly - are achieved. Their organizational skills are second to none. I’m looking forward to a long-term relationship with Rizen.”

Luis Alvarez
Founder & Owner of Alco Windows and Doors

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