For Eyes Case Study

Executive Summary

At the time of initial engagement in 2017, For Eyes wanted a plan to increase the in-store appointments for their 116 locations. For Eyes did not control their location landing pages but by an external company. These pages were generating the majority of the appointment for For Eyes. Rizen migrated the landing pages so that For Eyes had full control of the landing pages, saving them the cost of the external company and allowing Rizen to improve and optimize each page using A/B testing, improving rankings, traffic and appointments. For Eyes also needed Rizen to setup and manage their Google Adwords campaigns using the Inbound Methodology. For Eyes did not have any conversion tracking setup on their website or Adwords campaigns so they did not know where they were getting their conversions from. Rizen was also hired to implement an SEO and blogging strategy using the Inbound Methodology. Rizen outlined the buyer personas and determined the buying stages for the visitors of the site. This allowed for the new generated traffic to be specifically targeted towards getting the most conversions. Rizen setup SMART goals and provided consulting on how to track visitors to leads, through the integration of their software systems. Rizen also provided consulting to their social media company on using the Inbound Methodology in their social media strategy.


Doubled total leads in 4 months!

The Challenge

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    No Conversion Tracking Setup to see where leads were coming from.

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    Locations landing pages not SEO optimized and Analytics data for locations pages not controlled by For Eyes.

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    PPC campaign had no conversion tracking and was not properly setup by match types

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    Not following any marketing methodology

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    Not tracking which lead sources were generating their revenue

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    No A/B / Multivariate Testing Strategy on Ad Copy or Website

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    No content was being created for For Eyes blog.

How Rizen Helped

  • Using Hubspot

    Implemented Hubspot Marketing Software

    Through the implementation of the Enterprise version of the Hubspot CRM, they are more organized and started the process of creating close loop reporting. Rizen also provided the training and support on how to use the Hubspot platform. For Eyes began using Hubspot landing pages for their various promotions, where their own staff without html/photoshop experience was able to execute. For Eyes also used the email features for some of their internal campaigns.



    Consulted on Social Media Strategy 

    Provided consulting to their social media team on best practices using the Inbound Methodology



    Created SEO Blog Marketing Strategy

    For Eyes realized the value of ranking for keywords and committing resources to a content creation strategy. Rizen helped For Eyes create a content strategy targeting their buyer personas. Organic leads has the lowest cost per acquisition based on studies done vs PPC and other mediums.
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      Implemented Google AdWords Using Inbound Methodology

      ›A Pay Per Click strategy was implemented on Google Adwords that instantly started generating leads.
      › Call Tracking / Conversion Tracking through Google was implemented to help optimize the bid process.  
      › Remarketing text and image ads were implemented.
      › 125+ custom landing pages were developed using best practices.
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      Implemented A/B Testing for Local Landing Pages and Copy

      Implemented a testing strategy using Google Optimize and Hubspot to improve their conversion rates doubling the amount of leads they receiving in 4 months!
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      Improved Local SEO for 116 Store Locations

      By optimizing tags (title, meta, alt image, H tags), adding images and content from the best converting keywords (data gleaned through Adwords conversions), locations rankings increased attributing to an increase in store visits and appointments.Built citations using aggregate software to improve location signals.



Incredible Results

By implement many elements of an Inbound Marketing strategy, For Eyes was able to double their leads per month in just 4 months time! For Eyes now has a clear picture of which locations are getting calls and appointments, with all Analytics data being controlled by the corporate office.

Marketing is now more clear for For Eyes.

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