Garage Door Medics Case Study

Executive Summary

During the onboarding strategy with Garage Door Medics, Rizen found many areas to improve the overall performance of the campaign. The biggest problem noticed was the inability to measure ROI and Revenue by lead source (SEO, PPC, Social Media).

x2 Leads

Doubled total leads in 8 month period.


30% increase in organic traffic in 8 month period.

The Challenge

  • Z

    WordPress theme no longer being updated by the developer and could not update WordPress for latest updates.

  • Z

    Website had slow load time

  • Z

    Website does not properly load tracking cookie for Hubspot causing traffic to be miscategorized

  • Z

    No processes and systems to track and follow up with leads

  • Z

    No follow up sequences for leads received causing loss in sales 

  • Z

    Minimal social media presence

  • Z

    No defined buyer personas so content was not being written around searches, target market, or buying stages

  • Z

    No email marketing strategy in place. Newsletters sent without a stragegy. 

  • Z

    PPC not tracking conversions, no image ads used, and duplicate keywords.

How Rizen Helped

  • Using Hubspot

    Using Hubspot

    Hubspot provided a picture of traffic sources, keywords and referral sources. Also implemented reporting to break down Return on Investment by lead source (ie. Organic, PPC, Social Media, etc.). 


    Website Optimization

    The website was optimized to decrease load time. Began implement Growth Driven Design best practices in preperation for website redesign.
  • Created Buyer Personas and Content

    Using the Inbound Methodology, target customers and niches were identified. Created survey to better understand buyer's personas reasons for choosing a garage door repair company. Used this information to created more targeted content within blog.
  • w

    Created Targeted Social Media Campaign

    Created and implemented a social media strategy on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn based on buyer personas.


  • T

    Restructured PPC Campaign

    Restructured PPC campaign and removed duplicate keywords, implemented tracking within Hubspot with custom URL’s, rearranged Adgroups to keywords. Created PPC landing pages.  Restructured campaign led to increased leads month over month while reducing the cost per lead. Implemented A/B testing to improve conversions. Created landing pages specific to Adgroups to improve conversions.



    Implemented Call Tracking

    Implenented call tracking technology to track incoming calls by lead source. Began tracking Buyer Persona to the lead source (call/phone). 
  • Using Hubspot

    Implemented Hubspot CRM

    Garage Door Medics is using an industry-specific Project Managment Software and uses Hubspot to close the sales loop. 

Great Results


Rizen identified opportunities to reduce PPC spend by approximately 3-5K per month based on past conversion data. We were able to double the total leads and increased SEO traffic by 30% in eight months. 

Rizen is now reporting to client on ROI and revenue by lead source after troubleshooting the client's processes and optimizing the campaigns based on results. 

We are continuing to see growth for Garage Door Medics.

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