Michell Consulting Group Case Study

Executive Summary

The Michell Group had tried many web marketing techniques in the past but never accomplished the goal of generating leads. They purchased syndicated traffic that bloated their traffic but didn’t get and contacts or customers from it. They had an in-house marketing person who focused on things like events and trainings which were not proving as effective. New sales were generated by networking and cold-calling.

The Challenge

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    Old website was missing functionalities and had many CSS errors

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    The theme they chose did not update with the WordPress updates

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    The site was not converting although it had traffic

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    Without defined buyer personas, content was produced without regard for target market, keywords or buying stages

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    Social media presence was not utilized to drive traffic to content created for traffic and rankings

How Rizen Helped

  • Using Hubspot

    Using Hubspot

    HubSpot immediately started providing a picture on traffic sources, keywords and referral websites. 
  • Converted Website to WordPress

    The client’s site was redone to WordPress and the blog to HubSpot’s CMS. 
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  • Reevaluated Database 

    The client had a database of 5,000 names that was not correctly acquired and we whittled it down to 800 during the clean up process. From this new list, we were able to start email marketing.
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    Implemented PPC Using Inbound Methodology

    Helped implement Pay Per Click (PPC) on Google Adwords, LinkedIn and Facebook. On Google, we did keyword research and setup campaign / adgroup structures for MSP and ERP. We also setup a remarketing strategy and implemented conversion tracking down to the campaign level. We designed a landing page for a campaign from a live event that was recorded using Camtasia and audio recording equipment. The local campaign was then used to target buyer persona on a national level. Rizen did the video editing and provided the equipment for the recording.
  • Created Buyer Personas

    By creating the client's buyer personas using the Inbound methodology, we were able to identify the industries, customers and niches that we would improve upon and target to increase traffic and business.

  • Created Targeted Social Media Campaign

    Through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pay per click, we began to target people who would be interested in The Michell Group and their services.
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    Created a Focused Content Process

    Rizen educated The Michell Team on best practices for content output and acted as a resource for consulting and outputting work.
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    Training on Community Outreach

    Rizen trained The Michell Group's project manager on the different communities that they would benefit from. We showed them how to find the countless LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, Forums, Question and Answer sites and Websites/Blogs so they could engage the communities through content that the buyer personas were looking for. 
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    Training on How to Execute Inbound

    The engagement with the client was so they could run their own Inbound campaign after one year. After 1 year, the client understood the Inbound methodology and how to execute an Inbound strategy. We also helped the client acquire the in-house marketer who is now running the Inbound campaign.

Fantastic Results

By implementing an Inbound Marketing strategy using HubSpot's marketing automation software, The Michell Group was able to create and email market a Lunch and Learn that generated over 30 sign ups and generated several good leads. 

Through the creation of a system and process for marketing that Rizen is helping The Michell Team implement, the entire organization has a clear picture on what to help produce so we can increase leads and sales. In addition, Rizen helped source staff with experience to execute an Inbound Campaign In-House.


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