HubSpot + ConnectWise Integration

Executive Summary

A leading Managed Service Provider in the United States wanted to integrate its industry ERP software, ConnectWise, with HubSpot's marketing capabilities using a third-party integration tool, Formstack Sync. The company also wanted to improve coordination between its marketing and sales teams by implementing a Lead Scoring system and a formal service level agreement.

The implementation's end goal was to understand the sales funnel in its entirety and to report on how leads move through each stage. 

During the implementation process, Hubspot was fully set up and training was provided on both the platform and the Inbound marketing methodology. Documentation was also created for the custom needs of the client for future reference.

*Name withheld due to Non-disclosure


The Challenge

  • ConnectWise features were not sufficient enough to be able to synchronize sales and marketing teams
  • Reporting high level marketing metrics was not possible with 100% accuracy.


  • Limited experience with HubSpot and wanted a FAST expert implementation vs doing it in house.

How Rizen Helped

Integrated Systems

Integrated a bi-directional sync between HubSpot and ConnectWise using Formstack Sync and the third-party integrator. Created a custom configuration unique to the client’s internal processes.

Dashboards Creation

Implemented the ability for executive level dashboards for marketing and sales performance and now able to track critical metrics like Overall ROI, ROI by Campaign, Cost Per Acquisition and more.

Marketing + Sales Alignment

Improved the coordination between marketing and sales by implementing a Lead Scoring system to provide better insight for the sales team into which customers were ready to buy vs more long-term prospects.


Training on Hubspot and the Inbound marketing methodology was provided.

The Results

By helping this leading Managed Service Provider in the United States, the marketing and sales team were able to better report on critical marketing metrics with more accuracy to the CEO and Board of Directors.

More accurate marketing decisions can now be made due to improved data syncing on campaign performance and sales. We are retained to provide ongoing support for the CMO’s, Sales Director and Marketing Manager for ongoing support.

"Tremendous experience working with the team at Rizen. They helped us to design and implement our Hubspot integration, inclusive of lead scoring, workflows built around a negotiated SLA, templates, dashboarding, and a tool kit. Truly impressive work at an outstanding price with committed people. Well done!"

Erik S.
CMO, Managed Service Provider

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