Painless Processing Case Study

Executive Summary

Painless Processing was performing only link building and losing traffic and leads month over month. Google´s updates, along with their lack of content creation and social media engagement, caused management to change strategies.


Percent of leads increased upon full implementation of the Inbound Methodology Fundamentals after first month alone!


Percent site traffic and page views increased from blogging activity.

The Challenge

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    Unsure where leads were coming from

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    Unable to determine effectiveness of marketing budget allocation

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    The old HTML/CSS website was making editing difficult and tedious

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    Not running any Pay Per Click Campaigns

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    Unable to add or optimize content

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    No defined buyer personas so content was not being written around searches, target market, or buying stages

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    Lack of social media presence

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    No email marketing strategy

How Rizen Helped

  • Using Hubspot

    Using Hubspot

    Hubspot provided a picture of traffic sources, keywords and referral websites which immediately determined that referral sites accounted for 30% of their business and 70% through organic rankings.
  • Reallocated Recources

    With a paid campaign yielding zero results, those resources were moved to other paid advertising avenues and call tracking was set up. This allowed us to account for all incoming leads.
  • Converted Website to WordPress

    We converted the website to Wordpress and the blog to Hubspot’s COS, allowing for client to easily add and edit content and meta data. We implemented the Growth Driven Design methodology and altered the website design on a quarterly basis versus once every 3 years.
  • Created Buyer Personas

    Using the Inbound Methodology, target customers and niches were identified. Content was created around personas, offering content potential customers wanted to read vs. producing content just for Google indexing.
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    Created a Focused Content Process

    A list of industry sites, competitor blogs and RSS feeds was collected for content curation and ideas for trending topics and news. Learning more about what the market was doing helped adjust their business strategy.
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    Created a Journey Map

    Using the Inbound Methodology we created a journey map using surveys for the unique buyer personas of the customer identifying new content opportunities.
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    Created a Targeted Social Media Campaign

    By creating a targeted social media calendar for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we were able to increase engagement to the relevant personas and acquire followers, business partners and link opportunities.
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    Implemented PPC using Inbound Methodology

    We implemented Pay Per Click (PPC) on Google Adwords, LinkedIn and Facebook. On Google, we setup Image Ads and Text ads on both the content network and search network. We implemented a remarketing strategy and tracked conversions down to the campaign level. For LinkedIn and Facebook, we sponsored content and ran text ads targeting people by their demographic with known buyer personas. For these PPC campaigns, custom landing pages were designed using best practices.
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    Tracking the Sale & Closing the Loop

    We gathered all sold deal data and updated customers as sold within Hubspot to understand successful marketing campaigns and collateral that generated revenue. By closing the loop, Painless and Rizen is better able to understand profitable revenue sources.
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    Community Outreach

    Rizen researched the different communities that Painless Processing would benefit from. We found countless LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, Forums, Question and Answer sites and Websites/Blogs and engaged the communities providing content that the buyer personas were looking for.
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    Email Marketing

    Rizen executed two email marketing campaigns targeting specific customers for a unique offer generating several qualified leads. 
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The Results Were Amazing

By implementing an Inbound Marketing strategy using the marketing automation software Hubspot, Painless Processing began to see a marked improvement after just 3 months. Overall leads increased by 30% and organic site traffic began to double as the blog content drove 50% more traffic month over month.

Now Painless Processing plans to increase their marketing investment and will also be implementing Salesforce with Hubspot integration.

Marketing is now more clear for Painless Processing.

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