PDC Case Study

Executive Summary

There was intense pressure on PDC demonstrators to increase sales, maintain demo equipment, and follow strict FDA rules of cleanliness maintain records. Demonstrators are on small salary with commission beginning when they begin exceeding quota of the location. As demonstrators improve their skills and begin earning commission, PDC increases quota based on the locations previous three months sales. To increase sales, sales must demonstrate and sell selected products during demonstrations based on type of product. Rizen sales training team committed developing a training program for PDC demonstrators and management.



Sales increased on an average of 40% after 3 months.


Sales increased at a high of 118% for top performers after 3 months.

The Challenge

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    Better demonstrator's income is in decline as they sell more products until they earn zero commissions.

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    Demonstrators are always threatened by "secret shoppers" from the company as well the company's clients as well as city health inspectors.

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    The demonstrator's positions are normally high - turnover jobs due to the demands of the company and weekend hours. The realization of the poorly structured commission plan discourages long term employment.

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    Poor training creating longer than necessary ramp up.

How Rizen Helped



    Develop a full two-day training program to learn how to engage potential buyers.



    Work with mentors in the field to answer quesitons

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    Create a program to have mentors work with sales every 4 to 6 weeks 

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    Push management through increasing sales success using the above techniques to adjust commission program which will enable top demonstrators to earn commission and new demonstrators to have a program to pay commission for the long term if they do well.



Incredible Results

After 3 months, sales increased on average 40% and a high of 118% for top performers. 

Note: management is in discussion to adjust compensation program.

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