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About This Personal Injury Law Firm

Throughout Florida, this personal injury law firm and its dedicated staff of professionals help victims of personal injury and natural disaster recover compensation for harm caused by negligence, misconduct, or an insurance company's unreasonable behavior.
Rizen was proud to partner with an established Florida law firm in the successful launch of two new services related to personal injury protection laws. Our efforts generated significant interest in these new offerings.


Rizen’s Results in just 24 Months: 

From 0 leads generated to 20 - 30 per month for one of the services and 4 - 10 leads for the other resulting in record revenue for the law firm.

Leads Per Month Service 1
Leads per Month Service 2
Visitors / Month

The Challenge

This personal injury law firm has offered recovery of underpaid and unpaid claims to medical providers for several years. The firm looked at how the industry handled personal injury protection cases and decided to create two additional practice areas:

  • Help fellow attorneys establish an additional reliable revenue stream by referring PIP cases from their medical provider contacts.
  • Assist medical providers in recovering paid and underpaid PIP claims from insurance companies.

This company was ready to launch two new services with 2 unique websites with unique strategies. They needed a partner to help them grow faster, smarter, and stronger by implementing the latest strategies, methodologies, and tactics for website design, ads, sales, content, branding, programming, and software integrations. 

The Solution

Rizen was the perfect partner for this law firm. We helped them launch their new services with:

  • A complete website design and growth plan
  • A brand identity framework to stand out AND generate more leads!
  • SEO and customer-focused content for attracting, engaging, and delighting potential customers
  • Email marketing campaigns for lead nurture and conversion
  • Paid advertising that targets the right people at the right time
  • Sales support resources for stronger conversations and more lead conversions

The Results

Rizen's growth strategy played a crucial role in the success which  resulted in:

  • A strong launch for both new services
  • Increased interest from potential customers
  • More leads and conversions for the law firm

From start to finish, Rizen helped this personal injury law firm successfully launch its two new services. We're proud to have been a part of their success!

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