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This case study outlines the story of a pool construction company serving residential and commercial clients across South Florida. The company has built a reputation as a premier pool design and construction company with 20+ years of excellence. Their team of professionals is dedicated to creating custom pools that exceed expectations, focusing on attention to detail and customer satisfaction.
Rizen's Results in just 90 Days:
Increase in New Leads
Increase in Organic Site Traffic
Stage Pipeline for Project Tracking

The Challenge

This pool-building company encountered significant digital challenges that impeded operational efficiency, slowed growth potential, and compromised the company's digital infrastructure, including:

  1. Persistent Security Threats: Their website was a frequent target for hackers, jeopardizing customer confidence and the integrity of the business.
  2. Unclear Lead Origins: The source of leads, whether from organic searches or paid campaigns, was ambiguous, complicating the refinement of marketing strategies.
  3. Inefficient Lead Management: The absence of a systematic lead generation and tracking process made it difficult to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of marketing efforts and appointments.
  4. Outdated Technology: The existing technological infrastructure was insufficient to support sophisticated marketing strategies and operational requirements.
  5. Market Penetration Challenges: Despite aspirations to expand their presence in the residential market, there was no clear strategy in place to achieve this objective.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, GoRizen implemented a comprehensive strategy to solve the main roadblocks to success for this client: Our strategy included:

  1. Enhanced Website Security: By transitioning the company's website from WordPress to HubSpot, we fortified its defenses against hackers and refreshed the user interface to be more welcoming.
  2. Tech Stack Expansion: Integrating HubSpot and Hotjar into the tech stack provided advanced tools for analyzing data and understanding user behavior, offering deeper insights into customer interactions.
  3. Advanced Analytics and Lead Tracking: Adopting HubSpot, Call Tracking Metrics, and Google Ads transformed the company's approach to tracking lead sources and evaluating marketing impact, supported by custom dashboards for real-time data analysis.
  4. Revitalized Marketing Efforts: A revamped marketing strategy featuring targeted paid ads and enriched organic website content to enhance visibility and attract a broader audience.
  5. Efficient Lead Processing: Structured pipelines within HubSpot were established to meticulously track the customer journey, ensuring a seamless transition from initial interest to final deal, thereby improving lead management efficiency.
  6. Focused Residential Outreach: Geo-targeted advertising campaigns, augmented by seasonal promotions, were specifically designed to engage homeowners in targeted regions, driving lead generation and market penetration efforts.

The Results

The strategic interventions by GoRizen delivered substantial results within the first 90 days:

  • Lead Generation: Achieved an 80% increase in new leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of the revamped marketing strategy and enhanced digital presence.
  • Operational Efficiency: The introduction of a 16-stage project tracking pipeline revolutionized the client's approach to project management, significantly improving efficiency from lead acquisition to project completion.

The collaboration between both companies shows the transformative impact a digital-centric approach can have on overcoming business challenges and achieving growth objectives. 

This pool construction company secured its digital infrastructure through targeted interventions and took meaningful steps toward market expansion with stronger led generation strategies and tracking systems.

Rizen Alco Case Study

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