About STS Windows

STS was founded by friends Nathan Stapleton and Greg Stillato. Nathan, a disabled US Marine veteran, combined his background in business administration with Greg’s general contractor experience. The two share 20+ years of experience in window and door installations in South Florida. They founded the company based on their personal core values - transparency, efficiency, timeliness, and a commitment to excellence.
Rizen’s Results in just 4 Months: 
25K to 650K in monthly sales!

The Challenge

STS Windows struggled to stand out in a crowded crop of competitors in the impact window and doors industry in South Florida. Their challenges included:

  • Consistent lead generation
  • Booking appointments with qualified candidates
  • Closing sales
  • Tracking effectiveness of sales and marketing initiatives

With a rugged determination to help his company reach new heights, Nathan Stapleton decided to invest in a full-service growth marketing agency that could take on all of these challenges and more.

After an exhaustive search, he finally found the perfect partner in Rizen.

The Solution

Rizen created a holistic growth strategy that addressed all of STS Windows' challenges. The roadmap to success consisted of:

  • A fully customized 12-month sales and marketing strategy roadmap
  • Onboarding from a simple website host to HubSpot for a more unified growth approach
  • Implementation of Facebook Ads and Google Ads to increase weekly leads.
  • Sales training for all staff to increase consultation and customer close success

The Results

STS Windows saw some incredible results after working with Rizen. In just 4 months, they:

  • Increased sales
  • Generated a steady increase in monthly leads
  • Improved consultation and customer close success rates
  • Had a better picture of how their company progresses with standardized reporting metrics

Most importantly, all these solutions combined to help STS Windows & Doors grow from 25k to 650k in monthly sales!

Rizen Alco Case Study
“Rizen was the best decision we ever made for our business. No went 25k in monthly to 650K in monthly sales in 4 months. I highly recommend it if you are in any competitive market and want to succeed.”

Nathan Stapleton
Founder & CEO of STS Windows & Doors

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