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This case study outlines the story of a pool-building company based on Florida's Treasure Coast. The organization has been a trusted name in the South FL pool industry since 1971.
The company currently specializes in custom pool design and construction and have built a reputation for attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. 
Rizen's Results in Just 90 Days:
Increase in New Leads
Increase in Organic Site Traffic
Stage Pipeline for Project Tracking

The Challenge

In the competitive pool construction and maintenance industry, standing out requires exceptional service, a robust digital presence, and an efficient lead generation system. This pool building company was grappling with several significant challenges:

  • An Outdated Website: The company's main digital storefront was failing to engage visitors or reflect the company's high-quality services.
  • No Lead Origin Visibility: The company's leadership struggled with a lack of clarity and data on where leads came from, making optimizing marketing strategies difficult.
  • No Lead Tracking Systems: Marketing and sales staff had no clear system for tracking lead generation or appointment costs.
  • A Non-Streamlined Set of Softwares: The company was held back by an absence of a robust tech stack (phone systems, call tracking, sales, and marketing automation) to support its marketing and sales efforts.
  • An Unbalanced Lead Generation Strategy: The overall marketing approach placed a large reliance on in-person events and referrals which operated without a method to track overall effectiveness.
  • An Unbalanced Growth Roadmap: The company lacked a cohesive plan to expand services to new residential markets in its region.

The Solution

This client needed a comprehensive strategy to revitalize its digital footprint, track marketing success reliably, and expand overall reach into the residential sector. GoRizen crafted a multi-faceted approach to address each of the company's roadblocks:

  • A Modern, Updated Website: We started with overhauling the organization's website, transforming it into a modern, engaging platform that better represents its brand and services.
  • Advanced Tracking and Analytics: We implemented and connected cloud services such as HubSpot, Hotjar, Call Tracking Metrics, and more for stronger data visibility. Additionally, our team built custom reporting dashboards, enabling the company to monitor their data 24/7 and understand the effectiveness of their sales and marketing efforts.
  • In-Person Event Nurturing Support: We created a dedicated landing page, form, and phone number system for in-person events to capitalize on opportunities generated for efficient follow-up and lead tracking.
  • Streamlined Lead Management: We established a detailed sales pipeline, including email and SMS setup and automation. We also created deal stages in HubSpot, allowing for transparent tracking of leads from initial contact to contract closure.
  • A Diversified Marketing Strategy: We expanded the company’s lead generation strategy to include paid social ads, Google and Bing advertising, organic content creation, and a service follow-up pipeline for in-project communication and tracking with clients.
  • Targeted Expansion Efforts: We launched targeted paid campaigns aimed at specific homeowners in desired service regions, supported by a strategic schedule of offers to attract leads year-round.

The Results

The collaboration between this pool building company and GoRizen led to remarkable outcomes in just three months:

  • A 7.5% increase in organic site traffic post-website redesign, indicating higher engagement and visibility.
  • A 118% increase in new leads from paid advertising showcased the effectiveness of the diversified marketing strategy.
  • Implementing a 16-stage pipeline for project tracking revolutionized this organization's approach to managing projects from inception to completion.

The partnership between our two companies has set a new standard in the pool construction and maintenance industry for how digital transformation can lead to faster, stronger business growth. 

With a revitalized digital presence, a robust lead generation system, and a comprehensive tech stack, this pool construction company is now poised for continued success and expansion in the pool construction and remodeling sector.


*The company name has been omitted out of a request for privacy from this client

Rizen Alco Case Study

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