Trust Counsel Case Study

Executive Summary

At the time of initial engagement in 2016, Trust Counsel had an outdated website that was not generating any business. After the initial consultation, Trust Counsel decided to engage Rizen for a secure website redesign as well as PPC (Google and Facebook) campaign development and management. Rizen followed the Inbound approach to Design and PPC. We outlined the buyer personas and determined the buying stages for the visitors of the site. This allowed for the design and the PPC ads to be specifically targeted towards getting the most conversions.

2 Leads/Day

Number of leads per day on Facebook at $6 Cost Per Lead

15+ Leads/Mo

AdWords is producing 15+ leads per month at $47 Cost Per Lead (and decresing!)

The Challenge

  • Z

    Website generating no leads

  • Z

    Generating new business through networking only vs. Inbound Marketing

  • Z

    Never tried PPC and was skeptical

  • Z

    No processes and systems to track and follow up with leads

  • Z

    No way of determining their lead sources

  • Z

    Not showing on local Google/Bing results

  • Z

    No defined buyer personas so content was not being written around searches, target market, or buying stages

  • Z

    No follow up sequences for leads received, causing loss in sales through lack of follow up

How Rizen Helped

  • Using LeadIn in 2016 then Hubspot Sales in 2017

    LeadIn by HubSpot immediately started providing a picture on traffic sources, keywords and referral websites. Trust Counsel was documenting and tracking leads in Excel. Through the implementation of the Hubspot CRM, they are more organized and started the process of creating close loop reporting. Rizen assisted in created automated follow-up sequences to reduce the time spent working per lead and increase conversions. Rizen also provided the training and support needed to implement best practices for sales and systems to help them continue to grow.


    Redesigned Website on WordPress

    Trust Counsel rebranded to improve their messaging and Rizen assisted in the process. The website was created using the Divi theme. DDOS Protections and special Fire Walls were installed for site security.



    Implemented a Social Media Strategy

    Trust Counsel had a message they wanted to communicate and Rizen helped them by creating and implementing a social messaging strategy in 2017 using PR / Inbound methodologies. The result is a growing fan base and a targeted messaging strategy. 650% increase in Clicks. 422% in Clicks. 1200% Increase in Interactions.
  • Using Hubspot

    Implemented Email Marketing Through Hubspot CRM

    In 2017, Trust Counsel was using MailChimp and had a very large database that was not segmented. Trust Counsel realized that they needed a better way to communicate with their incoming leads, so they moved to Hubspot Marketing to create lists, email their database and track how they were interacting with all marketing activities. With the CRM, they are leveraging the platform to solicit reviews, reach out to past clients and follow up with existing ones.
  • T

    Google Local Optimization

    Rizen helped Trust Counsel fix their NAP (Name, Address & Phone) errors throughout the web. Rizen also optimized Trust Counsel for local ranking. The result was a 300 % increase in web traffic over 6 months.
  • A

    Implemented Goolge & Facebook PPC Using Inbound Methodology

    › In 2017, a Pay Per Click strategy was implemented on Google Adwords that instantly started generating customer leads. 

    › Call Tracking / Conversion Tracking through Google was implemented to help optimize the bid process.  › Remarketing text and image ads were implemented. 

    › Call only campaigns were setup to generate phone calls. 

    › Many custom landing pages were developed using best practices.

    › In 2017, all incoming call leads were being tracked and managed through Hubspot via an integration with CallTrackingMetrics. No more missed leads, every call was accounted for. 

    › Also implemented in 2017 was a paid strategy to target buyer personas within Facebook and LinkedIn which resulted in targeted marketing qualified leads in just 2 months.

    › Pay Per Click strategy was implemented on Google Adwords that instantly started generating customer leads. 




Incredible Results

By implement many elements of an Inbound Marketing strategy, Trust Counsel was able to generate 2 leads per day at $6 per lead on Facebook. In 2017, we also added over 15+ new leads per month through Organic traffic and Paid Sources. Trust Counsel is becoming more efficient at managing their leads, increasing conversion rates, and scaling their delivery of services using Hubspot Sales, Hubspot Marketing CRM. Through consulting, Trust Counsel is changing their Marketing approach to include Inbound.

Marketing is now more clear for Trust Counsel.

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